Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yellow Sensory Activities

We had a lot of fun during our Yellow Week!  Here are some of the things we did:

1. Colored rice in the sensory bin
The night before our Yellow Week began, I dyed some rice (I use Learn-Play-Imagine's method and let it sit overnight).  She enjoyed scooping with with a shovel from her sand toys and a cup and teapot from her play dishes.  I also would hide small things (giant paperclips, big buttons, plastic bugs, etc.) under the rice for her to find.  Later in the week, she used her Duplos in the rice bin.

2.  Yellow things in the kiddie pool
We pulled out our little kiddie pool this week. It's just the right size for one little kid.  We put it in the shade and she just splashed in her clothes so that I didn't have to put sunscreen on her.  She played with her ducks and her balls and her scoop from her sand toys in the water.  (We also blew bubbles because that's one of her all time favorites.  Those didn't have anything to do with the color yellow, though.)

3. Yellow cloud dough
We used the Lemon Cloud Dough recipe on Paging Fun Mums.  I made the mistake of using "baby" scented lotion -- it was sitting unused in my cupboard and I figured, "why not?"  I'll tell you why not: the scent was almost overpowering and no amount of lemon juice could make it lemon scented instead of fake-o baby scented.  Toddler didn't care, though. She made sure Dolly got to play, too.  We played with this with all our cookie cutters, not just the yellow ones.  She asked for me to form various shapes and letters.

4.  Stickers
We also stuck yellow stickers to yellow paper.  I took some time this week while Jo was playing at the park with her daddy to prepare stickers for the other colors.  I have TONS of stickers (thank you, dollar stores...) and I peeled off the background sticker part and cut them into individual stickers and pre-sorted them by colors.  It would be a better use of her color identifying skills to have her find the yellow stickers herself, but she would also be more likely to wander off with a full sticker sheet and stick all colors of smiley faces to my piano bench.  (I know this because we tried that approach.)  Instead, I put the colored sheet of paper and the individual yellow stickers on a cookie sheet and she sat and peeled and stuck.

What else would/did you do with the color YELLOW?

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