Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green Sensory Activities

1. Colored rice in the sensory bin
The night before our Green Week, I dyed some rice.  We're working on the concept of keeping the rice IN the bucket.  She enjoyed using her scoop and the shapes from her shape sorter.  Another time that we played, we used her measuring cups and spoons, which she thought was a lot of fun.

2.  Frog themed water play
No pictures of this one - I set it up just as my knitting student was coming over.  It was a big, flat container with green colored water, green water beads, and the frogs and turtles from her bath toys.  She also used her measuring cups and spoons to scoop and pour water.  Jo played and splashed while I taught my lesson.  I put down a towel but she easily over-splashed.  Later when we played, I put down several towels.  Jo discovered that sitting on a package of paper towels was the perfect height so that she could dip her feet and splash in the water.

3.  Stickers
Jo worked on this one over the course of the week.  I pulled out a bunch of stickers from my stash and put them and a green sheet of paper on a cookie sheet.  Jo would peel the stickers off their paper and stick them to the green paper.  We talked about the different things she was sticking that were green.

What else would/did you do with the color green?

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