Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Color Weeks

Well, it's early June. The traditional school year is coming to a close for most students, but for us, a new learning journey is just beginning. Jo will officially have her half birthday later this month and I've been looking for ways to structure her day and add more types of learning opportunities. I started a new Pintrest board a couple of weeks ago that I dubbed "Sensory Summer" and I filled it with a bunch of hands-on activities and variations that we either haven't tried yet or enjoyed and would like to do again. As I was filling that board, I came across Play Create Explore's color of the week series and loved the idea, so I've decided to take it on. In fact, I discovered it Sunday night and had us started Monday morning! Jo knows some of her colors, especially yellow, blue, and pink. She calls red "pink," orange "yellow," and green and purple "blue," which makes sense. (It's amazing that we learn the color divisions used by our culture at such an early age, as they are rather arbitrary and subjective. Brains are cool.) I thought that doing a "color of the week" would be an excellent way to give her more opportunities to look at, talk about, and think about colors.

We are following the progression of colors set up on Play Create Explore (why reinvent the wheel?) as I like that Jessie includes black, grey/gray, brown, and white in her colors but has them dispersed through the other colors (that way you don't do all the bright colors first and get sick with the non-vibrant ones at the end. Each week I'll share how we introduced the color, our different sensory activities, and the books we read relating to that color, plus any other resources for that color that we used.

Have you done a color of the week series with your children? What was your favorite part? What would you change?

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