Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Color of the Week 2: Green

Week two of our Colorful Summer!  Our color of the week is GREEN.  We started out our "school" day on a green blanket and sang a few of our favorite songs (this week included several verses of the Wheels on the Bus) and then we pulled out the basket.  Jo was all set for "Yellow Things!" and was surprised to see that the contents of the basket had changed to green.  (I filled it the night before with toys and other things from around the house.)

Our basket contained the following things:
Overall, counting each object as one, there were 75ish objects in the basket.  She enjoyed wearing her scarf, building with the Duplos and counting various objects.  We pulled objects from the basket several times over the week for other activities (look for another post!) and she returned to look through the basket several times.

Stay tuned for more about our Green Week!  What would you put in your green basket?

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