Monday, June 9, 2014

Color of the Week 1: Yellow

Week one of our colorful summer has just finished and our first color is YELLOW!

After breakfast and our usual morning routine (which included a yellow cup and plate at breakfast and a yellow shirt), we put a blanket (yellow) on the floor and sat down together. We sang a couple of songs and did a couple of finger plays (her current favorite is "Open, Shut Them"). Then I told her that I had something fun planned for us and pulled out my picnic basket. The night before, I went through her toys and other things in the house and pulled out everything yellow and put them in the basket. She was very excited to see what was inside! When she opened it, she first encountered this piece of paper:

(Little girl holding a yellow piece of paper with the sentence "Our color of the week is Yellow" written on it.)

She wasn't too interested in the paper, but I read the words to her and then we placed it out of the way. She loved seeing some of her familiar toys in the basket. As she pulled items out, we would talk about what they are and that they are yellow.

Picnic Basket full of things that are the color yellow

Here's what was in our yellow basket:

Overall, there were 75 items in the basket (counting each Duplo as one, etc.)

She built a tower with the Duplos and had a great time cramming the ducks into the teapot (and having me get them out so she could do it again and again).  Over the course of the week, we pulled things out of this basket to use in our various activities (look for another post!) and she returned to the basket to look through it several times.  By the end of the week, she was asking to play with her "yellow things!"

Stay tuned for more about our Yellow Week!  What would you put in your yellow basket?

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