Friday, June 13, 2014

Yellow Books

As part of our Yellow Week, we read several books with the color yellow as a focus or with yellow ducks, as that was one of the popular things in her yellow basket.  As I kind of decided to do a Color of the Week program on Sunday and start it on Monday, I didn't have as much time to request books from the library, so I also started requesting Green books at the same time.  I'm a week or so ahead in terms of requests and am compiling a list of color related books so that I can request them as we approach that color.

Toddler liked this one.  It has only one word or short phrase per page, so it's super fast, but she liked pointing out the yellow ball in each scene and talking about what happened to the ball.  This was probably her favorite of the set.

This was a cute idea - it follows the journey of a little girl who rides on a yellow giraffe scooting toy but instead of the everyday world we see, she interprets things as a magical.  2.5 year old wasn't very impressed though.  Maybe for a 3yo?

Toddler liked identifying the baby duck in each of the pictures and discussing what she was doing.  Not much plot, but it was ok.

Another quick story.  This is a good one for prepositions, which is something my 2.5 yo is working on acquiring.

Toddler and I both enjoyed the illustrations in this book.  I read the book to her and then she read it to me.  (Her version mostly consisted of "Little duck in the water." Turn page.  "Little duck in the water."  Turn page.)  Much more wordy than the others, but a very cute story.

We also requested "Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes," "10 Little Rubber Ducks," "One Little Duck," and "Henry and Pawl and the Round Yellow Ball" from our library circuit, but they didn't arrive before our yellow week was over.

Did we miss any good ones? Share your YELLOW book suggestions with us!

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